Comments of friends

Rose Olewe (Cologne):
Nancy really used to inspire and motivate me alot. I must say that I lost my only best friend in germany. Since then, things are different for me.
Jayne Mugure Marquard (Bonn/Germany):
Nancy was my sunshine. She made me smile, when all is tough. She  encouraged me, when no one else would. She was my sister, a mother to my children. Nancy, rest in peace
Angelika Freytag (Cologne):
I just read the story of Nancy for the second time and I am affected. Affected like about one year ago when I suddenly heard about Nancy was leaving. It is difficult to understand that a person young and vital - spending life - goes. And it is difficult to understand that a beginning life is not allowed to live. I drop Wilfried these lines because I didn´t know Nancy a lot - but him. And I would like to say: It is hard to let someone beloved go for ever.