My love to Nancy

Still now,m I don´t know  how I can explain, what Nancy ever meant to me.

At the funeral I was asked to hold a  speech, but the right words did not  come into my minds or out of my mouth.

For me, Nancy meant everything; she was my home, my ´little disturber´, my sunshine, the anchor for my life and my heart.

We had our own kind of humour, that we shared and it made our life at least so rich of joy.

One couldn´t be happy without the other one.

Her death really cutted into my heart like into flesh, so that I feel the pain physically.

Even now after one year, I have the feeling that I live a wrong life, that there is a shadow over my heart, that darkens my life.

It may sound strange, but deep inside me, I´m still  waiting for Nancys preturn, hoping, that everything only is only a nightmare and that she might is somewhere in town, trying to give me a phone call.

I pray to see her at least one day, when my time is finished.