Nancys character

Nancy had a big heart full with love for her friends. She was always busy for her family or her friends and if there was one friend, who asked for a help, she could not rest, til she found a way, ignoring wether it was day or night time.


She had an open character and a winning charme. Many people, who meet her for the first time, liked her for the way she smiled.

I think, that was one reason, why I fell in love with her; she carried her feelings direct in the face, she couldn´t and she didn´t want to hide something and she was such a happy optimistic person. She always trusted in God.


Another part of her character was, that she was really fighting with a strong will for her needs. 

According to me, ít is remarkable, how she alsways fought to find a way out of difficult situations. 

And she  always had an  independent spirit. Without these parts of her character, she could have never succeed to get a kiosk on her own or to organise her life in Germany.