Nancy was my beloved wife a person with a great heart and a lot of humour. She had very much love for her friends and family members around her, always ready to help - even til her physical limits.
Nancy was a great mother, proud for our little sweet daughter and happy to expect the second baby in her womb, when the fate turnt against us.
I lost my wife and our baby, our little Miriam her mother and sister .
But Nancy herself lost everything, that she fought for during her workful life. The decision of God, to take Nancy away from her life at our side, must have been a hard decision also for God himself and it will never be understood by me and many of our friends.
But we as humans can´t understand Gods plans, and I hope that there is a deeper sense behind it. And I hope more, that Nancy, wherever she is now, really feels better - and that one day we shall meet again.